Pay transparency (Beta)

An exciting new feature from Spotwork to know exactly how much you're getting paid from each shift!

Spotwork is launching Pay Transparency to show every Spotter how much they're getting paid for each shift! This will provide additional visibility in to how much you make from a shift and can be used for your taxes at the end of the year. 

The screenshot below shows a shift that was worked and completed where the hours were approved by the supervisor. You can see the estimated pay date and the estimated amount that will be paid.

If you are absent from a shift, the shift will not have an estimated pay date and amount. You will also see a absent flag for the shift.

Please note this feature is currently in Beta and may not display correct information but you will continue to be paid correctly based on hours logged by checking in and out of shifts.

If the information is incorrect, do not contact support or open a pay issue until you have received pay and have determined it to be incorrect.