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Navigating the Spotwork app


This is where you go to find new shifts that are open. You can filter and sort the page to find the opportunities that are best suited for you!

My Jobs


Jobs you have applied for that you have not yet been accepted for. The only way to work a shift is to apply for shifts through the Spotwork app.

Do not travel to the shift until you have been hired for the shift.


Shifts you have been added to the waitlist for. If another Spotter cancels or is removed from a shift, you will be offered the shift. You will be notified if the shift has been offered to you. 

Do not travel to the shift until you have been hired for the shift.


Shifts you have been offered, but have not accepted. You must accept an offer before you can be hired for a shift!

Do not travel to the shift until you have been hired for the shift.


Shifts that you have applied and accepted an offer for that you will be attending. You must be hired to attend a shift. 


Shifts that you were hired for that have past. 


Complete Spotwork Certificates as part of your onboarding to ensure you are ready for any shift that requires one of the certificates. You must score 80% or higher on the certificate quiz to complete the certificate.

Reliability Training Certificate

Learn about the importance of being a reliable worker

SPOT Onboarding Certificate

Learn how to use the Spotwork App and platform basics

WHMIS Certificate (Canada Only)

Learn about WHMIS 

Workplace Violence & Harassment Certificate (Canada Only)

Learn about workplace violence & harassment, how it affects others, the company and yourself


This page is all about you! You can view your complete profile, reliability stats as well as equipment and requirements that has been uploaded and approved by Spotwork. You can also view & edit the work experience you have added, upload a copy of your resume and find contact details for our support team. 

Remember - a more complete profile will make you a better fit for shift opportunities!


You can access Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner of the Profile page. From here you can:

  • Review & edit your personal information
  • Voluntarily self-identify as prior involvement with the criminal justice system, at-risk youth, or as a member of another marginalized group
  • Notification preferences
  • Payment details
  • Legal documents
  • Bug reporting
  • Sign out


Communicate with shift supervisors for shifts you are hired for