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Inviting team members & managing permissions

Learn how to invite team members to join your team so they can help manage your facilities and locations.

Team members can be invited to your team to help you manage your workforce. 


When adding a team member, there are permissions that can be set to determine the access of each team member. Below are the definitions for each permission setting:

Admin: Can access all settings

Edit: Can post gigs and edit time sheets

View: Can only view with no editing permissions

Inviting Team Members

Below are step by step instructions on how to invite team members to your team:


  1. Log into your Spotwork account here 
  2. Select the settings icon locating in the top right corner and then select "Permissions"
Ading Team members Step 1


Once in the Permissions screen select "Edit/View Permissions"

Ading team members step 2



Select "Invite Team Members"

Ading team members step 3


  1. Enter the team member's information
  2. Select their permission status (Hint: permission statuses explained here)
  3. Select "Send Invitations"
Ading team members step 4


After sending the invite, the team member must accept the invite through a link sent to their email. Once they accept the invite they now have access to your team! 

Ading team members step 5