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How to create an account

Learn how to create your first account with Spotwork using the online dashboard.

Creating your first company account is easy. Access Spotwork's online dashboard here and follow the steps below:


Click sign-up under the "Welcome Back!" text

Sign up- Step 1



Fill in empty fields with your information and select "Sign-up"

Sign up- Step 2



An email will be sent to the email address you provided to verify your account

Sign up- Step 3



Open the email and click the verification link
Sign up- Step 4



  1. After verifying your account, go back to Spotwork's dashboard.
  2. Sign in using your credentials. 
  3. To move through the sign-up process, you must create your first team (Hint: Teams are used to categorize your facilities and manage team users)
  4. Select "Create Your Team"

Sign up- Step 5



  1. Upload an image of your company's logo (Hint: an image with a size of 500x500 px works best)
  2. Fill in your company's information and team's location
  3. Select "Finish"
Sign up- Step 6



Your first team is now created!

  1. You may add team members to your new team (Hint: This can also be done after the account creation process) by selecting "Invite Team Members" and follow the instructions below.
  2. If you wish to move forward select "Finish Sign Up"
Step 7- sign up



Adding members to your new team

  1. Enter the team member's information and permissions status
  2. Select "Send invitation"
  3. After sending the invitation to the team member, the team member must activate their Spotwork account using the link sent to their email. 

Permissions statuses are as follows:

Admin: Can Access all settings

Edit: Can post gigs and edit timesheets

View: Can only view with no editing permissions



Sign up- Step 8



After finishing the sign up process, you and your team are ready to post your first gig! View instructions on how to post your first gig here