How do I get paid?

Find out how your earnings are deposited.

How you get paid is determined on your country of residence. Below are the two methods of payment:

1. Canada

If you reside in Canada, your payments will be sent via e-transfer directly to your bank account. We recommend you set up auto deposit with your bank to avoid any delays or issues with your payments. If you choose not to set up auto deposit, you will be provided a password to deposit your payment. 

When completing your profile, you will be prompted to input the email you would like to use for direct deposit. 

To change your email for direct deposit after you complete your profile, follow the steps below:


To set up your email for direct deposit:

1. Open the Spotwork app and select 'Profile' located in the bottom menu

2. Select the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the screen. 




Once in settings, select the 'Payment' tab.




Enter your email and save. 




2. United States

If you reside in the United States, your payments will be sent by direct deposit to your bank account. There are two steps required to set up direct deposit:

  1. When you complete your profile , you will be prompted to input your direct deposit information into the app. 


Select 'Set Up Direct Deposit'.

image (40)



Fill in your direct deposit information and select 'Submit'.

image (41)



2. Spotwork also uses Gigwage to securely deposit your payments into your bank account. It is a fast and safe way to receive your earnings. After completing your Spotwork profile, you will receive an email invite to set up your account with Gigwage. We recommend you do this as soon as possible to ensure timely pay.


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